Saturday, January 3, 2009


So am I horrible at this blogging thing or what?! New year's resolution #2 - Work harder at blogging (with #1 being becoming a healthier person).

It's 2009 - how quickly did 2008 pass us by? I am glad to start a new year - it's always refreshing to think you can start all over. This year, I'm really going to focus on becoming a real business - I'm really excited! Which brings me to...

New year's resolution #3 - become more organized! I am vowing to keep track of sales, trends (what people are buying more of), and organizing my home in preparation for motherhood! I'm making a promise to myself that when we have children, everything is going to be super organized.. think it's possible? Yah, I don't either, but I'm going to try my best.

New year's resolution #4 - sell brown joey jewelry in art shows! I looked up the Ann Arbor art festival online tonight (yes, it's a very exciting Saturday night...) and I about died.. $625 for a space!! *gulp* guess I'll have to wait until I'm a "business" (see N.Y.R. #3). :)

Until next time...

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